Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not a Knot

This year I had vowed to participate in the Cascade Exchange through Oregon State University. Every year I intend to do this, but when the due date arrives I have done nothing. So, this year I made possibly one of the ugliest, most disgusting little prints I've ever done. Ordinarily they would have found their way to the kill pile, but since I vowed to do this I followed through and sent them off, my poor homely little orphans. The way that I print is somewhat akin to a Suicide (reduction) print, where you really don't know what you have until its finished, and since I had waited until the last minute I had no time to start over. But, I had the plates all made so after I had mailed the obligatory exchange disasters off to OSU I tried printing with different colors and added chine collé and it turned out considerably better. The basis for the print was, of course, René Magrittes Ceci n'est pas une pipe (This is not a pipe). He was right, it wasn't. It was a painting of a pipe. In the same vein this is not a knot. It is a print of a knot. And it is a play on words & spellings. English is so much fun to play with! Sometimes I think I should have been an English Major, but then I couldn't have ended a sentence with a preposition, could I?


Diane Cutter said...

Sharri... Ugly is only in the eye of the beholder. You see orphan and I see an amazing play of light on the knot, creating a very life-like piece of rope laid upon a beautiful abstract print. I vow your little orphans will find very appreciative homes!

Letter C said...

I hope I get one.

Sharri said...

Diane, Thank you, you are seeing just what I want you to see. Unfortunately, the orphans background was very dark. This is a re-do to solve that problem! I just can't seem to leave something that I am not happy with - always have to see if I can do better. It's a character flaw :-)