Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back at it: making art

It has been ages since I've communicated via blog.  Mainly, because I was laid low the months of Oct., Nov., Dec., and January with emergency surgery & all that goes with that.  In January I was back in the hospital again because I had done everything wrong - ate all the wrong things and was, in general, a very bad girl.  In my defense, the hospital sent me home with no direction.  When they said I could eat Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast, I ate what was in the house: brown rice & whole grain toast. No! It was supposed to be white everything.  Basically, I could eat anything over-refined and with absolutely no nutritional value.  It is hard to generate any energy on such a diet. 
Due to this turn of events I missed my Christmas visit to Granddaughterland, aka North Dakota, and by March I was getting desperate for a Granddaughter fix.  I've just returned from glorious Grand Forks and Camille and I managed to get in a printmaking session.  I helped Grace with a couple of paintings

for a school project, and Camille and I did various craft and art related projects.  After a rousing game of Fancy Nancy we drew bedrooms and Nancy.  But the printmaking was the most fun.  Here is a shot of Camille burnishing her foam plate.  I'm not sure she ever really got the concept as the plates seemed to be much more important to her than the prints.  I think Grace will be ready to do some actual carving next winter, so maybe I can get her to do a little linoleum print - or we might find time for that this summer, though their time here seems to pass much too quickly to do much of anything that requires staying in one spot.
Next on the agenda is some studio clean up and then Grandma had better get back to work or she won't have much for a July show. Yikes!