Thursday, December 3, 2015

On the Wall

Since it is officially the Peace On Earth season what could be more fitting than to put the Peace in Print up on the wall?  So, here it is on the wall at North Bank Gallery in Vancouver, WA, in time for the First Friday Art Walk.  Let me tell you, one has to be a bit of a contortionist to get this baby on that wall.  Fortunately, there were enough people passing through while I was attempting this that they could hand me the hammer, or hold this end for a minute -- and they were all willing to help, lucky for me!

I have a better table for the book and will take that in tomorrow and get it all set up right and proper like.

It will probably end up under the sign and poster and the small print bin will move someplace else.

Another view.  I'm betting we will have a ton of people go through and it will be fun to hear the comments!  If I can remember I will take photos tomorrow night --

To all who were participants in the Puzzle Project - here's another line on your resumé - North Bank Gallery 1005 Main St., Vancouver, WA.

Happy Holiday!

Here are those kids again!  They seem to have moved into my imagination and plan to stay there.
This is one of those times when I really need your input, if you would please.  What do you think of this direction?  Is it silly, simplistic, fun, funny, has possibilities, or junk this stupid idea right now.

The Giant's garden: Christmas Morning is the latest in this series:

The kids all seem to be pretty happy with what they've found - the puppy has yet to open her gift and is a little anxious about the whole affair.  The frog just watches.  And I'm wondering if I should be making these as woodblock prints, or doing them at all.

I'll be eagerly awaiting your ideas and comments and if they are not pats on the back, but more like pats on the head, I promise not to send the Art Exterminators after you --  ;-)