Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drying Systems

A few days ago David Harrison wrote about his drying system for prints on his blog, and a handsome system it is, too! You can see it at I told him that I had put up a very economical drying systems for my blotters, which could be used to dry prints, too. I don't use it for prints because I always print on damp paper and the prints need to be between blotters. As a result I have a number of well worn blotters that need to be dry before being put back into storage for the next time. The system I'm using I bought at IKEA for around $20, maybe a little less. It was a cinch to install and works beautifully. Its original purpose is to hang drapery/curtain panels, but it works very nicely for this, too. The installation is 16 feet and it comes with mini clothes pins. The pins have a loop allowing you to clip the article and then attach it to the cable - an advantage when using it for larger items.


david said...

Oh, I like that system! Thanks for posting -- it's worth a trip to Ikea to see if they have those setups for sale in the UK branches too. Good for large prints too, by the looks of it.

alynn said...


Thank you for the birthday comment on my blog.
Hey, would you like a print?