Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Peril of Too Many Pelicans

Sometimes a block just cries to be printed in many different ways, and such is the case of my pelicans.  They have been on "fabric" and they have been made into a "dress", but they were not content.  There was a piece of marbled paper in my flat files and they screamed to be printed on it.  Between the Pelicans and the paper wailing "oil spill, oil spill" I had no choice.  This cacophony must be stilled.  The result:

 And, I was happy with this until..... one day as the print was lying on my framing table another print of the same image, but on the filmy Japanese paper that I used to make the dress, fell on top of this one.  Oh my!  This led an entirely new dimension.  So, I lined them up and then very carefully adhered  the two together.  There is no going back now.  Here is the final product:

This set my oil slick more in the background and gave the whole scene another dimension - almost making it look 3D without the glasses.  Whoa, Nellie!  I could be on to something!


Hannah said...

Wonderful! Very reminiscent of oil on the surface of water. It is pretty easy to marble your own paper if you want to have precise control of color and swirl.

Patrick Gracewood said...

The combination of marbled paper, the BP logo and your pelicans is a wonderful print. It works on so many different levels.
Hello Sharri, We met on last years ANLD tour of your garden. Vanessa N said you were interested in coordinating a concrete carving workshop. I'm interested in teaching what I've learned. Give me a call?
503 804 3170. Doing blogger because the links to your website are down.?