Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Life just keeps interjecting and taking more time than I am willing to devote.  The latest development is bursitis in the left hip.  This is probably because I've been walking, sitting, and moving in unnatural ways because my blooming knee hurts like hell.  So, that is my excuse for not doing much art work.  And then, the deadline for the Skin show at North Bank Gallery decided to be closer than I could imagine and I got to work on a couple of quirky ideas.  I figured others would do the tatoos, body painting, hanging by hooks in the back from the gallery ceiling, etc.  So, I would do something from the opposite direction.  The closest I could come to the opposite direction was nursery rhymes/lullabyes, hence Bye Baby Bunting - Daddy's gone a-hunting, he will bring a rabbit skin to wrap a baby bunting in.  And, New Summer Colors - thinking if we could just get babies to come in all colors, not just the traditional ones, maybe we could get over racial prejudices.  Probably not.  Someone would think up a reason for hating my lime green babies.  Or, Heaven Forbid!  The mauve ones, now that sounds dangerous.  One more piece is in the works, but it is still drying.
detail of the babies                                                                              Bye Baby
                                                    New Summer Colors

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