Saturday, November 22, 2008

Earth, Water, Wind and Fire

The four elements: earth, water, wind and fire seemed appropriate for a garden piece.  Of course, each of these had to be represented visually.   Water                                               Detail of fern representing earth.  The fern
was chosen because it is one of our oldest botanic specimens and it is a wonder to me how it can propagate so effectively with such a primitive and demanding reproductive process.  It seemed to demand some kind of recognition. Air/wind - my favorite to draw or paint, and
                                                        least favorite to experience. Another representation of earth simply because
    I love plants with berries and wanted to do berries. In the upper right hand corner is an 
image representing the sun and fire.  However, after
I decided to take the propane torch to the copper to
add color, the torch became the representative for fire.
This is the finished piece in the studio, mounted on primed and painted exterior plywood, ready for installation outdoors.  (To be continued...)

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